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Will you need a key to access my office?

Yes. However, there are unique exceptions. It is much easier to provide you with a cleaning service if we’re not in your way. By allowing us access after hours, we can be more efficient and provide you with better service. Rest assured, your office is completely safe and secure when TLC is in possession of your keys. This also gives us the ability to respond to after hour emergencies, without disturbing you!

What type of frequency schedules do you offer?

We currently offer weekly to daily services, and everything in between. Unfortunately we can not accommodate bi-weekly or monthly services. Many times we can offer a weekly service rate that is much less than the rate of a bi-weekly service.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by check and most credit cards. Electronic Payments are acceptable as well.

What areas in Massachusetts do you cover?

Most of Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Do you supply your own equipment and cleaning solutions?

Yes, we provide all the necessary equipment and cleaning solutions to maintain your workplace at no additional charge. To improve efficiency, we prefer leaving all equipment and cleaning products on site.

Will a background check be performed on the person cleaning my office?

Absolutely. All newly hired employees are subject to a background check including Social Security verification, CORI, SORI, and driving record.

Are you insured?

Of course! TLC is fully insured and Bonded. Coverage includes General Liability, Workers Compensation, Auto Insurance, and Third Party Crime. Certificates of Insurance are available upon request.

Can you tell me about the cleaning services you provide?

In addition to everyday commercial cleaning services, TLC also provides a menu of specialty services.

Why purchase your supplies from TLC?

Quality Service: TLC’s commitment to their customers is second to none.

Quality Products: TLC guarantees the quality of our products as they relate to our customer’s specifications. If any product is unacceptable for any reason, TLC will immediately take action to satisfy our customer.

No Minimum Orders: Whether your order is for ten cases or only one case, TLC will guarantee and deliver any quantity of orders.

No Substitutions: Unless advised to do so by our customers, at no time will TLC substitute orders. We have made a decision to keep our inventory levels at a position where substitutions are not an option.

Emergency Response: Here at TLC we have made a pledge to our customers to offer 24 hour – 7 day a week service. No matter what, No matter when, TLC will get you the products.

Cost Advantage: The price of the product is just the beginning. We believe that all products must be competitively priced. However, beyond the competitive pricing, TLC offers additional cost savings through a more efficient supply program.

Product Knowledge: Not only does TLC sell our product, but we also use our product. Because TLC is also a commercial cleaning company, we can offer you solutions that when you have a question concerning cleaning applications, we have an answer.

Employees: A company is only as good as the people working within the organization. At TLC, our personnel are of the highest quality. Our employees are not just order takers but specialists in customer care.

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