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I just wanted to thank you for hiring the new cleaners. They are doing an awesome job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rockland Trust

Your crew is awesome and TLC is a vital component to the center. We can’t sing enough praise for them and your company. Thanks again!


Liberty Asset Management

I just wanted to pass along our positive experience when we ordered supplies from TLC. I was away for several days and finally ordered supplies by phone on Wednesday morning. I mentioned that we were low and that Kristen would be in later that day to clean. I also mentioned that we would be leaving at noon. I was very pleasantly surprised when the supplies were delivered the same morning. Please pass along how pleased we were to your staff.


Internal Medicine Foxboro

I am probably going to “echo” someone else’s sentiments! But, I want to let you know that once again, TLC’s crew was fabulous last evening. They did a great job helping with the setup and the clean up. They were at our service and it made the evening flow perfectly! We are definitely a team and they are an important part of our family. Best to you and the caring attention you deliver to our cancer center.


Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

On April 26th I called TLC about an extra cleaning in the upper Town Hall for a party that was going to take place on Sunday. It is a large function room that we rent out. On Friday morning the place looked wonderful. Saturday afternoon I got a call at home from the renter telling me that there was dust and insulation all over the hall and her daughter (the Bride) was having a melt down. I went to Town Hall and looked around. There was insulation on the floor and there was lots of dust and lots of footprints on the hard wood floors. I called the office of TLC I was promised that they would take care of everything and that a crew would be at the building in 45 minutes. They were here in 30 minutes! Mike Gamble called me later that day at home to tell me that the hall was all set. I intern called the renter who was able to come in a little early to set up for their party. Thanks to the wonderful staff that TLC has you made a Bridal shower a wonderful thing and a very happy family. We can’t thank you enough for the quick response and that caring staff that keeps our building clean.


Holliston Selectmen's Office

I have a fairly unique desk chair for some back issues that I have. Unfortunately, I broke the swivel wheel off of it. I have been too busy to try and fix it so I have been fighting the rocking and jarring for weeks. I walked in last week and my chair was fixed! I asked around the office for days as I was a bit shocked that someone would have fixed it for me. I finally gave up on trying to solve the mystery. Then … last night I see Bob, the cleaner, and I asked him if he knew anything about it and he smirked. Evidently, he noticed an old chair next to the dumpster that someone was throwing away. He decided to take the wheel off of it and put it on my chair. He never said a word. Not only did he notice that my chair was broken, but he was aware enough to think of a solution! I actually shared this story in a team meeting today to remind everyone that it is often the “little things” that matter. I am still RAVING about how great TLC is! Thanks again for the great service!


Brickman Group

I just spoke with Giovanni and he said the place is sparkling clean and they were back in business on time on Sunday with a shiny showroom!! Thanks to you and the whole crew for not only cleaning up after the event so beautifully, but for maintaining the room during the event. You guys (and gals!) are the BEST!!Thanks again for your professionalism and reliability. With all the details to take care of, it was such peace of mind knowing I didn’t have to worry about TLC.



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